This is a wonderful little book for spell reference and inspiration. It’s a simpler work than the authors’ last collaboration, The Sisters’ Grimmoire, but it’s designed to fulfill a slightly different need.
- Em; The Witches Cupboard

Nameless reads like a chronicle, with beautiful phrase and verse that made it a quick evening read and one that I will definitely be returning to.
- Mhera; Nameless

This is a wonderful little spellbook of salts and powders. It's organized and provides a rather wide variety of mixtures. Some of the ingredients can be a bit obscure, but there are enough easy to make mixtures to compensate. The book is straightforward with ingredients listed in parts with a small blurb below that gives a clear description of how to use the mixture. You will not find fluff in this book, which is a godsend in today's witchcraft market.
- Cayley; The Witches' Cupboard

Short, sweet, and powerful. This speaks of the road and those who become lost to it in a way that few things ever h. With sad poems and happy all mixing into a flash of road feels that burn the blood of anyone who knows the roads as the author does.
- Drake; Daughter to the Road

This is a fabulous little book, containing "recipes" for powders and oils that can be used by themselves or as spell components. While it isn't a spellbook in the style many of us are accustomed to, it's still a worthwhile addition to any magic users library. I was especially pleased (and surprised) to see a chapter dedicated to safety and proper usage of the various oils and powders included in the book. These are common sense cautions that many beginners might not consider, such as not blowing or tossing powders into the face, caution with using oils on the skin in case of irritation, and general cautions against using ingredients the intended user might be allergic or sensitive to, as well as more ethical concerns. Five stars for a well written, well planned, thoughtfully compiled book.
- Janice; The Witches' Cupboard

I have always loved your poetry; I love this book. I will recommend it to others for sure, along with the others.
- Saeth; Nameless

This is one of the best books of magic I've read in some time. Not only is it based on a subject near and dear to my heart (fairy tales), it's also thoughtfully written, with a wide selection of spells and excellent essays at the head of each chapter discussing the ideas--and sometimes debates--behind each type of spell. The appendix on writing one's own spells, while brief, is an excellent introduction to homegrown spellwork. And there's [also]a nice bibliography. In short: this is a good book both for the newcomer to magic and for the experienced caster, and it's fun to read too. I look forward to getting the next one!
- Rebecca; The Sisters Grimmoire

I am an avid gardener. I however haven't grown herbs for medicinal use [...] I've had a remedial knowledge of many of the techniques included in this book, and found the additional information interesting and helpful. I downloaded it on a whim, and am happy I did. The resources and bibliography are very useful too.
- Kerry; A Verdant Introduction

This is a very well done spell book and covers an idea that I haven’t seen explored in any other yet: spells based off fairy tales. I enjoy folklore and things like that quite a bit and while fairy tales themselves aren’t my forte I like to take a look at them from time to time as well. The spells in this book are very original and a great way of inspiring further ideas in the reader.
-Em; The Sisters Grimmoire

This is a very good book for beginner herbalists or anyone who has an interest in herbalism and does not know how to get started. I'm already a bit of a gardener but now my interest in this area has grown and I'm excited to keep reading more about herbalism. This book was a great introduction.
- Risa; A Verdant Introduction

Reading this as a newbie to any sort of practice, I can say that the writing and organization of this book were wonderful. I appreciated the down-to-earth writing [...] The spells are divided up with an eye to purpose, and the foreword on each section covered not only the basic understanding of why those sorts of spells existed and what they would be used for, but also did a pretty even-handed and succinct job of looking at some of the basic controversies in certain types of magic where applicable.
- Lily; The Sisters Grimmoire

I found this to be a very interesting collection of poetry. It was moving, sent a rush to my blood, and made me wish to go on [an] endless exploration of the roads of my state. It does feel as if there is more to be had from this collection, not in a negative way, not as if the book is incomplete, but it's as if the voice has more to tell. As always a wonderful selection of poems from Anna.
-Bridgete; Daughter to the Road