Basic Pricing Guidelines

Quick sketch, low detail, conceptual items that are done digitally in a time frame of 60 minutes or less; No Deposit required; $10.00 usd total cost.

Extra Small
Any work that is fully rendered (lineart, shading, color, etc) but which takes less than 1 to 2 days to complete and is minimal in detail, design, and work- but  is not a speedpaint; $5.00 usd deposit required, $15.00 usd minimum cost.

Any work that should take less than 4 days to complete, and is still minimal in detail, design, and work- but which contains more work than a standard Extra Small piece; $10.00 usd deposit requited, $20.00 usd minimum cost.

Any work that may or may not take up to one week to complete, and has a fair amount of detail, design, and work required; $15.00 usd deposit required, $35.00 usd minimum cost.

Any work that may take up to or greater than a week to complete, and requires a large amount of detail, design, and work; $20.00 usd deposit required, $75.00 usd minimum cost.

Extra Large
Any work that may take one week or greater to complete, and has a large amount of detail, design, and work- more so than a standard large piece; $35.00 usd deposit required, $100.00 usd minimum cost

Ongoing and Recurring work
This includes work on projects such as lineart correction or digital inking of sketches for comic books, book illustrations, and similar job types. Applies to work on commissions and partnerships [sic] wherein the end date is unknown, or the project is ongoing or is continuous despite lapses in work; recurring fee of $200.00 usd per month, plus $16.00 usd per hour worked (with a minimum of 1 hour); paid at the end of every month until project is completed or terminated.

I provide a large range of various products and services- some I'm still learning and others I have been providing for years. Those services include but are not limited to the following: Cover Art (CD, Book, Etc); Simple Book Illustration; Digital Inking; Banners; Business Cards; Logo and Watermark Design; Print and Pattern Making; Stickers; Simplistic Hand Drawn 2-D Gif Animations; Custom Tattoo Designs; and More. Base prices for such services are based on size, time, and detail of the piece; prices listed above may increase depending on these factors and are not indicative of final costs.