At this moment I do not offer Photography services except in very rare cases. If you wish to hire a Photographer, please direct your requests to Sim Mah Nahskits Photography.

Personal Use and Display

If you or your property are featured in an image then high resolution, web ready (digital) copies of those pictures are available upon request for no cost. Additionally, high resolution un-watermarked decorative prints of pictures you are featured in are also available upon request at a cost dependent on the Printing Service I use - and your preferred size, type, and quality. For more information on the types and cost of Prints available, please see Redbubble's pricing guidelines.

Digital Copies and Prints from Public Events and Private Shoots are not available for those whose work or person is not featured in the image requested. However, select images in my personal Galleries are available upon request.

Editing and Amendments

Pictures are uploaded as is, with editing for color correction and aesthetic purposes. Upon your request, however, I am willing to blur elements of pictures that you are featured in- such as blurring or otherwise removing Patches in the River Road Rally Pictures. Additionally, if you would like your name or the name of your Organization or Shop added to the image description for the image they are featured in, I am happy to do this for you as well.

Print and Publication

If you would like to use my images in a magazine or other publication, there is an associated cost. However, that cost is dependent on the status of the Magazine or Publication seeking to obtain pictures for print use; Non-Profit Publications may be given rights to print for free. Additionally, unless otherwise negotiated all images may be used for single publication only; rights to print will therefore need to be renewed (and the fee re-paid) should you wish to reprint the images in future editions other than the ones agreed upon.

How to Make a Request

A contact form is available through this website- or you may email me directly at al.zollinger@yahoo.com. In order to place your request please contact me with the name of the Gallery the image is featured in (such as the River Road Rally Gallery), the image numbers the request concerns, and the details of your request; image numbers may be found by hovering over the image thumbnail in any available gallery.