I take spell-crafting requests for those who need spells, but would rather not write them themselves. This service is provided free* to anyone who sends in a request. I will do my best to provide you with in depth Spells and instructions on their performance and I am willing to write spells for just about any subject**.

Since these spells are being written specifically for you, please do not hesitate to request things or place stipulations on the spells. Sending me specific ingredients, times, or casting methods [sic] that you wish to use in your spell will only further help me to create something workable for you. If you still cannot work with an item I have worked into the spell, feel free to message me and ask for adequate replacements, or to rewrite the spell entirely.


I will generally write spells for most things. However, I still reserve the right to decline any spell request that makes me ]uncomfortable or goes too far against my own personal morals or ideology concerning how and when Witchcraft should be used; if you would like more information on the paradigm I work under please go here.

Though the spells are crafted as per your requests, they are still my property insomuch as Spells can be. I do reserve the right to use any of the spells I craft for you in my own published works later on should I choose to do so. Additionally, because they are my property you must obtain permission from me in order to redistribute them in any format outside of your standard Tumblr or Wordpress reblog- especially if redistribution concerns commercial use.

And also please keep in mind that while this service will be provided for free and I will not turn anyone away (with few moral exceptions), I am still providing a service. Turnaround time to complete a request is anywhere from 5 to 7 days, but sometimes life happens and I don't live online. I encourage you to not take advantage of this service and my kindness; please donate if you can in exchange for my spells, if you’re happy with your results, or appreciate the service. Any and all donations will be going towards helping me to publish future books, order prototypes for future products, and more.

Lantern Lighting

If you cannot- for any reason- perform a vigil for the Dead (recently deceased or not) I do offer paid services to do so on your behalf. This service is called a Lantern Lighting and they are available year round- though I find that they are most potent in the Late Summer, Autumn, and Winter months (August through February).

This service is extensive, consists of several offerings and rituals, and lasts three days altogether. At the end of the service you will receive a full email containing the following items: Pictures and / or Video of each Lighting; A list of the scents used on each night of the service; A transcription of the Prayer used during the Lightings; Pictures of the food service provided (no video will be offered as these rituals are practice specific); A complete collection of all recipes used during the food service; and A full write up of any additional activities I performed, feelings that I had, encounters that may have occurred, or anything else associated with the ritual.

Pricing and Purchase

Lantern Lightings are not free due to the amount of time, effort, and materials that go into them. This service is a flat fee of $20 usd- and this fee covers several things. This includes the cost of Paypal's Merchant Fee's which I am responsible for monetarily; the materials, food items, energy, and time necessary to complete your service; and the energy and amount of time that it takes to write up a comprehensive and in depth report of your service.

Before ordering a Lantern Lighting, however, please email me using the contact form so that we may have a more in depth consultation concerning the service and can discuss your wishes more in depth. Your service report will be sent to you via the email you used to contact me and / or the email associated with your payment, however. Ergo, it is imperative that you use a valid email address that you check regularly, or you will not receive your Service Report or any correspondences in due time.

Do not pay for this service prior to contacting me via email. Any payments made before an email is received from you and your consultation is completed will be non-refundable and your service will not be performed. After your consultation and explicit confirmation that you wish to order this service, you will be directed to the appropriate payment channels.