I am dedicated to my clients, and to providing custom artwork that fits my clients needs. As such, when you contact me for a commission, a process is followed. That process, its requirements and stipulations, and any additional information is found below.

During the initial phase of contact we will go over your specific needs for the project, your image, and your overall goal. During this conversation, you are required to provide as in-depth a description of the project and your needs as possible at this time, as well as at least 3 to 4 reference images concerning color, style, and other design elements. After this point I will decide whether or not your commission is within my realm of ability. Should I choose to accept your commission you will then be given a generalized quote for the project. This quote will follow my pricing guideline concerning size, and will be largely influenced by how much time and detail your project is estimated to need.

All rates available on my pricing page are quotes and represent the minimum costs for their relevant project sizes. These are not final rates. The final cost of your project will vary depending on actual workload for your project; All quotes are subject to change at any time due to project difficulty, client difficulty, or other reasons, and do not include the deposit amount for your project.

Should you choose to accept, then a minimum deposit is required as soon as the project is agreed upon. Depending on project size the deposit amount may increase or decrease (see my pricing list for deposit amounts per project size). This deposits is required to be paid in full before any work on the project begins. It is also non-refundable in any instance, and does not count towards quoted or final amounts, or any payments made towards the services provided.

Full Client participation is required at all steps of the project being commissioned. Once work has started on your project, you are therefore expected to reply to all correspondences concerning your commission in a timely fashion. You will also be expected to communicate openly and effectively about your opinion of the piece and whether or not it meets your standards and vision. I am not-at any point in the Client-Artist relationship- responsible for the image not being to your satisfaction if you (the client) do not effectively voice concern or critique of the piece, or request revisions to the design.

Because participation and continued communication is required, I reserve the right to cancel projects at any time if you chose not to actively participate and communicate in the process of your design. If I choose to cancel your commission because of a lack of participation in the design process then no refunds will be made for any amount paid up until that point. Money paid will also not be refunded if you decide to cancel your project before its completion; you will will be billed- and will be expected to pay in full- a minimum of $60 USD as termination fee for any work completed on the project up until its cancellation, as well as the full commission prices for any additional completed pieces not claimed.

When your project is completed and approved, you will be given the final quote for your work before receiving your final package. Your receipt of the final package will be delayed until the final payment is made.  If you may have problems meeting the payment requirements or adhering to the standard payment plan outlined on this page, alternative payment arrangements are available and can be worked out depending on the size of the project and final cost upon client request. However, if the final payment is not made within 6 months of the project completion- unless otherwise arranged- the client forfeits their rights to the commission and finished package.

All prices quoted are in USD (United States Dollar) amounts. International clients are responsible for correct conversions of USD amounts into their native currency. XE.com is available to assist you in the conversion if necessary; Accepted payment methods for any client include Paypal, Money Order, or Wire Transfer. If using a payment method that falls outside of the preferred payment method (Paypal), I reserve the right to charge an additional $2.50 USD towards each payment in order to cover any costs that may be incurred during the collection of payment via your chosen method.

All base files are created in Adobe Photoshop CS5 with the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 Photoshop Color Profile at 5,000 x 5,000 pixels (cropped to fit your design once agreed upon) and 300 to 500 dpi / ppi. Color appearance will depend on your own monitor settings and may appear differently on various computers and platforms,. They will also print differently depending on printer color profiles and capabilities. Be aware that this may result in color and detail loss when transferring a digital image to print, or even when viewing the picture on Mobile vs Desktop, etc.. If you require different sizing or color requirements for your project, please let me know in the initial discussion. 

Please note that at this time I do not offer any printing services for projects. All final packages will be delivered in digital formats only, and a standard final package includes the following two files: (1)  fully sized high resolution print ready image in .PNG format, unwatermarked and on a transparent background to be used for its intended use; (1) half sized high resolution image in .PNG format, watermarked and on a transparent background for client (non commercial only) web display on social media. All non-recurringcommissions at this time are for non-commercial use only. If you wish to use your commissioned design for commercial purposes you will be required to pay for a license- the price of which will depend on the scope of its use.

If you have preferred file formats other than my standard- or your project require a different file format (such as .PDF)- you are responsible for notifying me before the commission is completed. You may also add additional file formats to your package (on top of the standard files) for a fee of $2.00 USD per additional file format.

      For projects meant to be printed, you are responsible for alerting me to any specific needs during the design process in order to ensure your final products are print-ready according to your specific project needs. As I do not offer printing services, you (the client) will be responsible for finding a printer in your area who can fulfill the print order for you.

That being said, a private listing in my RedBubble shop is available upon request depending on the nature of the project. If you wish to have your commission printed on one of the various products that RedBubble offers, you are responsible for requesting that your project be added to my shop. If this option is chosen, a private link will be available for you to purchase any products you wish. However, you are responsible for purchasing these items yourself as a standard / unaffiliated RedBubble customer, and an additional charge of $5.oo USD listing fee will be added to the final total of your project to be paid.