An active 26 year old, Anna lives in North-Central Oklahoma with her Husband and their many pets.

An Artist all her life, Anna started her first business as a Freelance Graphic Artist in 2006 at just 16. Her work is primarily influenced by Vulture Culture, American Traditional and American Modern Tattoo Art, and Art Noveau- focusing on natural subjects such as Bones, her work often features bold lines and bright colors, with attention paid to detail through the use of texture.

Art isn't her only Artistic pursuit, however. While she had always loved Cameras growing up, her real passion for Photography began to develop in High School. Despite a lack of regular equipment as an adult, though, Anna has remained an avid hobby Photographer over the years; her Photographic work focuses on Natural Macro Photography, Still Life, and Street Photography, with the occasional event thrown in.

Like her other Artistic pursuits, Writing has always been a part of Anna's life as well. In High School she was published in several anthologies as a Poet, and at just 23 she self-published her first book on Herbal Medicine. Now she writes on a wide variety of subjects- including Herbalism, Religion and Occult, and her longtime love: Poetry.

Outside of her Artistic pursuits, Anna is just a normal woman; she revels in being a Housewife, loves the outdoors, enjoys gardening and nature, is an avid reader, has a minor obsession with Tea, and adores the 1940's and 1950's Vintage fashions- on top of being very happy to be an Irish Polytheist, Domestic Witch, Spiritworker, Shadoworker, and Diviner.

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